The rover shoots the first video of Mars sunset – space and astronomy

A subtle glow of light behind the dark appearance of the mountains: it is the first sunset on Mars immortalized by NASA’s persevering rover, which, after participating in the third rock sample collection, decided to pause for a moment to turn its “eyes” to the sky.

Perseverance captured the first sunset on Mars (Source: Perseverance/NASA, Twitter)

“Take a moment to be amazed at this: I captured my first view of the Martian sunset with my Mastcam-Z,” reads Perseverance’s Twitter profile. The rover is always busy, and you know that between one post and another “it’s also important to look up.”

He did so after collecting his third rock sample earlier in the week. “Another little piece of Mars to take with me,” he wrote on Twitter. “My most recent specimen comes from a rock rich in the greenish mineral olive, and my science team has many ideas about how it got there. Hypotheses fly! Science dominates.”

Among the images that the rover recently sent back to Earth, there is also the one that shows the thirteenth flight of the Ingenuity drone last September 4: NASA technicians put it together, making some short videos that provide the best image taken yet. for the small plane. at work. In the meantime, Ingenuity is already preparing for its 16th flight, scheduled for the weekend.

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