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The role of climate change

Heavy rains caused by the interaction between 3 distinct meteorological systems. The State of the Climate Report 2020 warned that climate change could trigger similar events in the country

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Already 18,000 people have been displaced by the floods in Australia

( – An extreme event that does not happen more than “once in 50 years”. The number of displaced people increased to 18 thousand. Floods ravaged the entire coast of New South Wales. An army in the field. And the weather forecasts are not promising, at least still to this day. Flood in Australia It is interesting A very large area, especially the southeast coast. is being Its severity also depends on climate change.

The cause of the flood in Australia isThe interaction between 3 distinct meteorological systems. A tropical cyclone off the coast of Kimberley, Western Australia. This joins with a coastal depression off the coast of New South Wales. It is a constant high pressure area between Tasmania and New Zealand. The latter generates winds that concentrate hurricane moisture in the area affected by depression. A perfect combination of heavy rain.

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in the last National Report on the State of the ClimateAnd the Prepared By the Bureau of Meteorology and CSIRO, the possibility of flooding of this type, linked to fluctuations in the precipitation regime, has been explicitly mentioned. It is linked to climate change: “The steady decline in precipitation during the cold season in many areas of southern and eastern Australia”The report reads, “It likely leads to longer droughts, but also to events characterized by heavy rains and short life spans.”.

The flood is affecting an area of ​​10 million people around the capital, Sydney. Fortunately, there were no deaths, according to the authorities. To the Prime Minister of New South Wales, Gladys Prejiclian, This is “Practically a miracle, given what we’re going through.”. However, this was not the case for thousands of animals and livestock. Meanwhile, it is not yet time to let our guard down. The Hawkesbury and Nebian rivers that encircle the capital north and west have reached unprecedented levels of guarding in history. Also under pressure Diga in Warragamba, Sydney’s main reference water basin, which has started draining since Sunday to avoid overflow.

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