The risk of finding a depleted account is just around the corner

There are many scams circulating online and it is very easy to fall into the trap if you are not careful. Here’s what happens

at recent days , Internet scams It is rampant and if due attention is not given, one can Look at your bank account empty. Many scams occur on the street, including those in the Bancomat and Postamat branches, often at the expense of the elderly.

How to defend yourself from online scams –

There are many Fake emails Which are sent over the internet posing as public bodies or fake portals for booking places to go on vacations, hotels etc. Users book and are convinced that everything worked out, but then they face unpleasant surprises. And again, the other scams to watch out for are phone scams, which can be about changing your phone and electricity contract, or They can appear as your bank. It all sounds ridiculous, but even today it is possible to fall into these traps, because they know how to make them so that they are completely credible.

Don’t let your guard down and think that this type of scam no longer exists. Indeed, precisely because one believes in it, it is easier to fall in love with it. As happened to some clients of the well-known bank Unicredit.

Unicredit scam: what happened

In fact, these users simply answered a call that appeared to be completely harmless, but instead concealed a real scam.

Phone scam, operator alert (Ilovetrading)

This is something that can happen to any bank, so be careful. Some Unicredit clients have received a call What appears to be the phone number of the Unicredit branch. When they answered, there was only one worker who qualified as a bank employee. The scammers told users that they had noticed a series of strange movements in their bank accounts and that to protect their savings, they would have to make a transfer to a temporary account. Being urgent, many users agreed without asking too many questions, and also gave the operator their own questions. Credentials Account access.

They have opened From links sent by scammers. At that point, the bad guys with this trick managed to steal the money from the accounts. After discovering the incident, UniCredit sent notices to its customers that the bank would never have required such operations to be carried out. It also warned users to drop the call and report it immediately.

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