The Rise to Success of Niall Keating

Unbelievable, but true: The boy who started as a dishwasher in a Staffordshire pub is the youngest British chef to receive two stars. It is located around Niall Keating, now in his thirties, and he already had pots of Fitzherbert Arms, in Swinnerton, but at the age of seventeen, he ran the kitchen. when they say “to blow up the stages.”

Thus, from below, Niall realized how much he liked the restaurant. But to break through, his father repeated that he had to work in a Michelin restaurant. And she is Twenty years assistant chef Bath Priory HotelAnd where he had joined as a cook for breakfast; Then in the brigade in two stars sat pines, Which literally opens his eyes. But this is not enough for him and he packs his bags: He stayed for two years in a three-star hotel in San Francisco, from which he leaves only because of visa problems; Then he arrived in Denmark, where he became a chef.

Today Niall has two stars of his own Whatley Manor Hotel, in Wiltshire, where he served for five years, and opened Moon Luxurious dinner in BarlastonNear the parents’ house. “This hotel restaurant in a country villa is known for its calm and intimate ambiance, but also for its neutral-colored image that does not distract from what is served at the table”The redhead said about him dining room. “The modern kitchen is crafted with scale creativity and features a satisfying multi-course menu Invades Asian traditions. to get started You will be invited to the kitchen for an aperitif“.

Thanks also to The values ​​that support the board. Our kitchen is designed to be as efficient as possible, we have four beehives and our own vegetable garden‘ explains Nial.We source our products from local producers who care about sustainability, and with whom we have negotiated reduced packaging. Our waste is converted to methane.” A rustic place completely different from the old suburban pub.

Whatley Manor Hotel

When I started at Fitzherbert Arms it was my dad’s hangout and I’d go play pool while my dad would get a few pints.“, Tells. “That time when I needed a part time job and they said I could help as a dishwasher Or to reheat vegetables. I ended up falling in love with the ambiance of the kitchen And the desire to be a part of it grew. I never wanted an office job, I started to become a chef and became a part of the kitchenEven running it independently when he was still a minor, even if he was listening to Niall everything seemed normal.

Therefore, Nial is self-taught, without any qualification or diploma. It was the desire to improve himself that drove him to eat with the complicity of his father. “The rest is history‘, he says after the victory, which was not only monetary, but also popular. Meanwhile in truth She became a TV personality, and won a popular cooking show, The Great British menu, in 2020.


Photo: Crediti Whatley Manor Hotel Dining Room

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