The Rise of the Immortals Phoenix: Legends of the Eastern Kingdom, review

The second downloadable content for Immortals Fenyx Rising: Myths of the Eastern Kingdom also arrives in record time. We travel to China for a more contained but always successful adventure

Two months after the first DLC, entirely dedicated to Olympus, Immortals’ second bonus content arrives: Fenyx Rising. The title is indeed a clear indication of a change of place: the legends of the Kingdom of the East take us to China, partly re-suggesting some of the atmospheres and problems that plagued the original plot. The adventure, which will take you between five to ten hours depending on how much you want to complete the events in full, restores the same stylistic features of the original, sometimes going too far and causing a certain sense of arrival. . -vú. Let’s get into more details at The Fenyx Immortal Rising Review: Legends of the Eastern Kingdom.

From China with enthusiasm

The Eternal Phoenix Rising: Legends of the Eastern Kingdom: The Island in Its Splendor
The Eternal Phoenix Rising: Legends of the Eastern Kingdom: The Island in Its Splendor

Tadalafil It is the default protagonist of this adventure. Unlike Fenyx, which player designs to his liking and who also decides his gender, Ku has a look pre-defined by the development team. Contrary to the original and first content, these Legends of the Eastern Kingdom are made by Ubisoft Chengdu, Which carried out the development in conjunction with Ubisoft Quebéc staff.

I wake up on an island Ping LaiKoo finds himself the only survivor of some power that has exhausted all human beings, remembered by a song that brought him in the presence of the goddess Noa, the creator of humanity. The two would unite to be able to mend the rupture in the sky that had opened a rift towards Tian. If you seem to feel a strange itch, do not worry, you are not suffering from fleas, simply the myths of the Eastern Kingdom represent a semi-virulent remodel of the Fenyx experience, but it has been translated into Eastern environment, With a less subtle tone and a duration of more than half.

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The Eternal Phoenix Rising: Legends of the Eastern Kingdom: Ku wakes up as the only survivor
The Eternal Phoenix Rising: Legends of the Eastern Kingdom: Ku wakes up as the only survivor

All of these aspects would be enough to bury any title, were it not that Immortals Fenyx Rising were so delicious that we had fun again this time, happy to return to simplicity but fun. mystery, They clash with mythical creatures – oriental, of course – and try to solve cosmic damage of colossal proportions.

What works less unfortunately and indicates the different narrative ability of the two teams, is exactly that Tone of the story. Last December, we got excited and laughed to our hearts, always aware of the product range, but we were still surprised at the ability to create really funny pictures. On the other hand, the legends of the Eastern Kingdom are more gentle, limited in irony and intended to take themselves seriously, an element we didn’t really appreciate that led us not to be fond of the heroes of the story. As we liked, also because of Poor longevity.

Gameplay has not changed

The Immortal Phoenix Rising: Legends of the Eastern Kingdom: Meets the Kuo Banuah
The Immortal Phoenix Rising: Legends of the Eastern Kingdom: Meets the Kuo Banuah

As for the PlayThe legends of the Kingdom of the East do not invent anything, at most they adapt some elements to change the place, but leave everything very similar to itself, even in approach and in events.

During your tour of the island, you will be able to find some original ideas, maybe two new types of puzzles (one of which is very similar to ancient mosaics) and different creatures with different power of different things. But what you’ll always experience is the same sense of repetition Lack of originality And a change of team that seems to have done more harm than good.

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The Fenyx Immortal Rise: Myths of the Eastern Kingdom: China and Their Skies
The Fenyx Immortal Rise: Myths of the Eastern Kingdom: China and Their Skies

Combat System is back as the flagship of production. It was never difficult, not even raising the difficulty level exponentially and putting us back in front of a series of Divine powers usable. These reflect the stylistic features of the past, and also bring back the usability of consumables, which disappeared with the first DLC for reasons of balancing the experience. OpponentsHowever, although their looks have been modified, they represent the same archetypes of creatures we already knew, replacing gorgons, minotaurs, harpies and all the other various amenities with other characters who marry better when the setting changes. To be fair there is one All-New Mechanics, Which is nothing more than a classic rage bar that will be charged during combat and can be unleashed by greatly enhancing our divine strength.

Ku will take a few minutes to obtain his Wings and Powers, in order to burn off time and allow the player to get acquainted in a very short time with an already known gameplay. These details definitely help digest a past-like structure, allowing space for exploration and keeping the bottom line An educational lesson And the growth of one’s abilities. However, there is fraud acting like The main axis Through which you can return to enhance life, stamina, potions, your equipment, spend things, and collect stones that replace those in the Greek land. Nothing new under the sun then, with all the good and bad this detail can bring as a dowry.


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The myths of the Eastern Kingdom do not undertake to change anything, with all the good that this can mean. Fenyx’s immortal rise remains one of last season’s biggest surprises. For this reason, the men from Ubisoft Chengdu wanted to pay tribute to China without tarnishing the excellent work of their Canadian colleagues. Everything works one way or the other as you are ready to experience some kind of original game remake in overall and drastically reduced form. Unfortunately, however, we cannot hide that we were expecting more surprises, that the narrative mood risks taking itself seriously and that the eastern artistic perception is less successful and disturbing than we would have liked. All in all a fun hobby for those who still want immortals. For others, there is forgettable content just waiting to be discovered.


  • They are immortal and that is enough to be happy
  • New crypts are always well made
  • A change of place gives a new life …


  • … but it’s less impactful than we had hoped
  • The more serious tone works loosely
  • Short and basically identical to the original

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