The Rings of Power season 2 begins shooting in the UK

The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power Filming has officially started on Bray Studios Outside London, England.

according to The Hollywood ReporterAmazon may have changed location from New Zealand last season because the UK is a cheaper location to shoot and is where British production company Bray Studios is starting a hub for more shows.

While location costs will likely be lower in Season 2, it will undoubtedly be a very costly undertaking. The first season of Rings of Power was Prime Video’s most expensive television season, spending nearly half a billion dollars.

But these risky financial efforts seem to have paid off. The show has garnered 1.25 billion minutes of viewership since its September 1 premiere, beating rival HBO’s House of the Dragon, which has just 781 million minutes.

Power rings are a hit

Viewers will likely continue to watch The Rings of Power in droves, as the series’ official Twitter account recently promised an epic ending, which will air on October 14. The account posted a promotional poster showing the main characters standing in a row. The photo is titled “All this led to this.”

The Ring of Power Twitter account isn’t the only one who thinks the season finale is worth watching. Charlie Vickers, who plays Halbrand on the show, revealed that “The Final Episode” is his favourite, adding: “I won’t say why, because I’ll leave some details unexploredOther staff members shared this view.

While the plot details of the last two episodes of The Rings of Power are still mostly unknown, there is reason to believe it will feature exciting epic moves. Episode 6″udon‘I’ve seen galadriel By Morfydd Clark in a thrilling battle scene on horseback. Speaking of the sequence, Clarke praised her stunt double, “I can’t believe it was possible. Before making this movie, I thought a lot of horse stunts were CGI, but it wasn’t.”

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The first six episodes of The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power Currently available to stream on Prime Video. Episode seven will start on October 7 and end on October 14.

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