The right and smart moves to do at home before leaving for vacation

With the arrival of summer, most people plan and organize their holidays in the best way. The main focus is definitely on everything that is needed during the holidays, such as hotels, travel, etc. Even organizing your bag is always a small task. It takes a long time, and out of fear we often make a small list of essential things to not leave anything out.

In addition to these projects and organizations for a successful vacation, it will also be necessary to consider returning. In order not to discourage relaxation and rest in a messy and dirty house, it will be necessary to prepare everything with clever movements to make at home before leaving for a vacation.


Here’s what to do before leaving for vacation

The first thing to do is to arrange all the spaces in the house. Gather sheets, towels, and clothes to be washed, and schedule different wash times for any drying and ironing times. Finally, start setting aside the clothes that need to be put in the bag.

After this step, it will be important to do a general cleaning, starting with the bedrooms, the living room, and finally the bathroom and the kitchen. Nothing should be left so that there are no nasty surprises on your return. like an invasion ants For a few grains of sugar or some food under the kitchen counter.

In addition, you will need to look in the refrigerator and pantry to check for foods that are nearing expiration to be consumed immediately. It will be necessary to check the pasta and flour which can be a lot disliked in the heat small animals That during our absence it can grow undisturbed.

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The right and smart moves to do at home before leaving for vacation

In addition to general and thorough cleaning in certain respects, we must not forget about getting rid of garbage and possibly washing dirty containers. This will avoid or attract animals, and possibly the smell of day-old litter.

It will be important to disconnect the devices to avoid any damage such as short circuit. It is also a good idea to shut off the gas and water switch to avoid sudden leaks. Also, before you leave, let the house air out, and perhaps leave the cabinets open to prevent bad odors.

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