The Revenue Agency will send the check, bank transfer or refund immediately to those who send the return by May 31

Respecting tax deadlines is essential for those who want to sleep peacefully without risking unnecessary increases and various taxes. To this end, the Revenue Agency makes the tax calendar available to taxpayers each month. Among the many dates that must be marked in the calendar, there is also a send 730/2022 by employees and retirees. Filing this form has many advantages for taxpayers who will be able to get compensation for the expenses they incurred for themselves and the family.

In fact, the latter are quite a lot, such as mortgage, rent, school and health costs. Think for example Expenses for eyeglasses and specialist visits or expenses incurred to purchase Masks or pillows. That is why our tax system offers the possibility to deduct 19% of income tax.

The Revenue Agency provides taxpayers with a pre-filled tax return with various data already entered, starting May 23. Those who accept the pre-packed 730 online without making changes will no longer have to show receipts proving the deductible and deductible fees. Moreover, it will not be subject to documentary control.

The Revenue Agency will send the check, bank transfer or refund immediately to those who send the return by May 31

Anyone wishing to receive compensation for expenses incurred as soon as possible should hurry to file a return by the end of May. This way it will be possible to get a response as early as July. In fact, this can happen directly into your paycheck starting in July. On the other hand, if a payable tax appears, it will be deducted from the salary again as of July. Whereas for pensioners, the credit or deduction from the pension will take place from August or September.

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The withholding agent hands the taxpayer a copy of the prepared declaration and liquidation prospectus. The latter will include an indication of the reimbursement paid and the amounts to be withheld. If submitted by May 31, the filter post will be processed by June 15. Any arising IRPEF credit will be recognized to a taxpayer in the month following the month in which the tax withholding agent receives the Statement of Settlement. Therefore, the sooner we send the ad, the faster the refund will be. Those who sent it by May 31 will be able to redeem the July payment voucher.

without an alternative

Furthermore, the 730 can also be offered without a replacement. In this case, any compensation will be paid directly by the tax authorities. If the taxpayer provides the Revenue Agency with the coordinates of the bank account or postal current account, then these coordinates will be directly counted. The application for accreditation can be submitted online using the application available on the entity’s website or at any office of the Revenue Agency.

If contact details are not reported, the Revenue Agency will send a check issued by Poste Italiane spa. Therefore, those who want to generate income will have to hurry because the revenue agency will immediately send the check or payment to those who will carry out the transfer by May 31.


For these joint expenses, families with children and an income of up to €36,000 will receive €1,000 from the Revenue Agency

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