The return of the Porto Cesario Film Festival: 3 days between art, love and the environment |

The return of the Porto Cesario Film Festival: 3 days between art, love and the environment


PORTO CESAREO – Just a few hours before the start of the second edition of the Porto Cesareo Film Festival, the film competition organized by the pro-environment coordinator Porto Cesareo as part of the A-Mare Giovani project, co-financed by the Presidency of the Council of Ministers under the auspices and contribution of the Directorate General of Cinema and Audiovisual of the Ministry of Culture.

From 2 to 4 September through an imaginary journey along the coast, passing through the watchtowers guarding the area, the Labello Tower and the Chianca Tower, a series of events from morning to evening that will take participants on an adventure between art, environment, beauty and history thanks to the work of the exhibition’s many collaborators, coordinated by the Director Artistic Anna Severoli and supervisor Mino Buccolieri.

“This festival unites the different nations of the world through the fluidity of the sea – explain Severoli and Buccolieri -. It is an event that talks about cultures that intersect with each other and build bridges of peace, at a historical moment in which we need it more than ever.”

full program

Friday 2 September

“Faces and Looks Beyond Borders”
Photographic exhibition by Francesco Congedo on the suggestive balcony of Torre di
St. Thomas. Followed throughout the duration of the festival.

  • From 17:00
    Receiving, recording and calling the finalists and a short welcome
    From the organizers, thanks. Film Festival Submission
    Initiatives to support:

Jikan – Apulia’s Talents – Call for Artists

An initiative aimed at artists and professionals of creativity, in addition to a series of
They will be able to enjoy a space of time within the festival programme, to perform and show their talents in one of the most memorable of them
Salento reviews. The selection includes sharing three categories:
performers (dancers, video shooting, circus); musicians (soloists or choirs); authors,
Singers and poets.

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Build a commercial
An initiative promoted by the municipality of Porto Cesareo with the support of
Specialists, they will choose the most convincing project for their production that you describe to them
The best properties of the Polynesian Navy.

Tik Tok turns!
An initiative with the support and sponsorship of the Comprehensive Institute in Porto Cesareo. Contents produced and created by students with the most popular social network among the new social networks
Generations will, through a subsequent work curated by professionals, become promotional material for the Porto Cesario Film Festival.

Chlorophyll Film Festival
View cooperation.

  • from 21.00
    Presentations of the works of the finalists in the competition. To follow business forecasts
    Films of the Chlorophyll Film Festival.

Saturday 3 September

From 10:30

A guided nature excursion to discover the “Palude del .”
Conte and Donna Costera “from Porto Cesario.
Meeting and departure at 10:30 from the Torre Labello Visitor Center;
– Reservation required | 25 participants maximum;
Duration 2 hours | accessible road;
– Information (Whatsapp or SMS): Giorgio D’Andria (347.7946680);
– It is recommended to wear comfortable clothes, closed sports shoes and a hat
Sunglasses. Also bring sunscreen.

network towers
Guided tour of the coastal tower Torre Chianca containing Centro Primo
Rescue of sea turtles and archaeological exhibition dedicated to the sea “Root,
Merci e Navi: The story continues.”
– 2 rounds of visits: 1st round, 10:30 a.m. | Second period: 11.30 am
– Reservation required | a maximum of 10 participants per shift;
– Information (Whatsapp or SMS): Simone Orlando (327.0536798) | David Vadaka (389.4709142).

From 17:30 to 19:30

The underwater wonderland of Porto Cesareo: using new technologies
Multimedia audiovisual narration of the submerged heritage
Roundtable on Archeology and Cinema, by Professor Rita Orima
(Professor of Underwater Archeology at the University of Salento) and M. Italo
SPADA (CETMA – European Research Center for Technologies, Design and Materials).

  • From 21:00
    Presentations of the works of the finalists in the competition.
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Sunday 4 September

From 10:00 to 11:30

Guided tour of the “Petro Parenzan” Museum of Marine Biology
Sponsored by Francesca Lombardo.
Information (Whatsapp or SMS): 328.4462300;
Two rounds of visits: Round 1, 10.00 a.m. | second period, 10.45 a.m.;
Reservation required | Max 6 participants per shift

From 17:30 to 19:30

Eating with your eyes: the importance of culinary art in cinema and series
Contemporary TV, cooking show in the new reality TV
Gastronomy in animation cinema, the social obsession of photographing dishes
Sponsored by Fiorella Peroni (President of the Gambero Rosso Academy in Lecce and
City of Flair) and Professor Luca Banderali (Professor of Film History,
Dams – University of Salento).

  • From 20:30
    Closing evening with honoring the winners.

All the names of the finalists


– Big by DANIELE PINI, Italy

Footsteps on the Wind by Maya Sanbar, Vaja Mello, Gustavo Leal, UK

Big Oak by Maria Jimenez Cavallo, Italy


Carlo Alessandro Argentino Challenge, Italy

Lifeline: Brethren who held the breath of Abdullah Şahin, Turkey

– Nina, Lily and O Marie Di Maria Giulia Mottolo, Italy

– Sale by Anna Rica Zacali, Hungary


– Tito from Laura Longo, Italy

– 31 in Beatrice Pradal, France

– Mysterious by Johnny Tommenen, Finland

small courts

Apricot Mattia Teresa, Italy

– Bobe makes gevilt fish from TZVI KOGAN, USA

– Can Suyu, Water is Life by ANIL GÖK, Turkey

– Green by Ariel Cohen, Louis Florian, Theo Fratisser, Camille Poirez, Eloise Thibault, France

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– Hamid Azizi House, Iran

– The Old Man and the Sea by EYLÜL YARKIN, Turkey

– Big Daddy, I’m Little from ANYA RU, MASHA RUMYANTSEVA, Italy

– The Meteorite The Tortoise and the Girl by Goncalo Viana, Portugal


– How Blue Is Your Ocean Blue by JOE PISCIOTTA, USA

The long surrender of the fishermen of Noemi La Barbera, Italy

– The Eurydice Mission by Marco Spinelli, Italy

– Se ‘ilgiadora de sus tempus by FILIPPO BIAGIANTI, Italy

– Mother Earth by Fabio Lilly, Italy

– Women of the Wild by Molly Ferrell, Jay Callahan, USA


Celeste Casiaro: Muse, an actress and translator of short films who takes her to festivals all over the world from Sundace to La Mostra di Venezia. Nominated for a Nastro d’Argento Award as Best Actress in 2014 for “In the Grace of God”, she is an artist who is highly regarded in Italy and abroad.

Virginia Panzera: Audiovisual teacher. Author, editor and assistant director of some of the most important productions in Italy such as Rai, Endemol and Sky

Niccol Carnemio is Professor of Navigation and Transport Law at the Faculty of Economics at the University of Bari. Science communicator and Rai1 consultant for Linea Blu

Gustavo Caputo: Lawyer, actor and producer of Saietta, founded in 1999 with Edoardo Winspeare, who in fifteen years has produced feature films and thirty documentaries and shorts.

Luca Banderali: Professor of Film at the University of Salento and former member of the Board of Directors of the Puglia Film Commission, film critic, editor and author for film, theater and television.

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