The return of exhibitions in Italy, Europe and the United States of America after the pandemic

After a long pause at National and international events Because of the pandemic, a little at a time, the idea of ​​video game and technological events coming in the coming period is becoming more and more lively, especially watching E3 canceled in the US, which led to the reorganization of manufacturers’ advertising, and the arrival of other major fairs after two years of restrictions on public access. long last It’s time to clarify what we will and will not see in the coming monthsnot only in live broadcast but also in presence on Italian, European and international territory, with an emphasis on the USA and a useful reminder on the documents needed for departure: passports, visas and ESTA.

Great events to attend

There are very important gaming events that should be concerned with replacing E3 2022, both live and broadcast:

  • Summer Game Festival 2022 – June 9

A dedicated advertising and gaming offering, created and managed in 2020 Jeff Kellywho announced in the past few days: “I’m especially happy to hear how much pure gameplay we’ll be showing off at the event, plenty of trailers as well as great game clips.“; The Summer Games Festival will be held on June 9 at 8 pm.

  • Netflix Geeked Week: Games 2022 – June 10

there Geeks Week 2022 It is a five-day virtual event that pays tribute to series, movies and games Netflix It will be airing from June 6-10 on the most popular social and video platforms, with loads of exclusive news, new trailers, celebrity speeches and much more; The day dedicated to video game advertisements will take place on its day June 10 at 7 pm.

  • Futuristic Games Expo 2022-11 June

Future Games Show will be held on June 11, 2022 It is 9 pm and will delight viewers by broadcasting with a 60-minute show with “new trailers, premieres and global surprises”; The only confirmation with regard to the program in question relates to the presence of advertisements thunderous, team 17 And the Amanita Designso we are talking about an event that should be monitored in many respects.

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  • Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase June 12 2022

Certainly one of the most anticipated events of the summer isXbox and Bethesda Games Gallerywhere a large number of advertisements will be displayed, among them: myththe new Forza Motorsport or too Hellblade 2; The date is set for Sunday June 12th, 7pm Italian time. The event can be followed in the live broadcast.

  • PC Game Show 2022 – June 12

Hottest offer on Games for the PC world will start in June 12, 2022 at 9:30 pm, directly on broadcast channels and accessible to all; Among our scheduled announcements: A new game 11 bit studiosnew game Klei Entertainmentthe last trailer of immortality (New game from Sam Barlow), the first strategy game Victoria 3 and more.

All exhibitions are pre-scheduled

Anyone interested in traveling is sure to be happy to know that it will continue this year Live event exhibitions around the worldwhich will allow visitors to test demos of upcoming video games or watch live gaming sessions, rather than connecting with cosplayers and special guests from the big stage.

  • Tribeca Games Spotlight 2022-10 June

Tribeca Games The Tribeca Festival celebrates the convergence of games, entertainment and culture, highlighting storytelling, the art and innovation of games, supporting every frontier in the art of storytelling and video games at the forefront of pushing storytelling to ever higher levels; The event will be held in the United States in New York on June 10, 2022 at 9 pmIt can be accessed by purchasing the appropriate card from the official website.

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  • Gamescom Cologne 2022-24 Aug

back Gamescom Cologne will happen From 24 to 28 August 2022 And unlike in the pre-Covid era, it will be held in a mixed format, giving visitors the opportunity to experience all kinds of video games and innovations in the field, all in conjunction with developer conferences with software tailored for the occasion.

  • Lucca Comics and Games 2022-28 October

Lucca Comics & Games will return from Friday 28th October to Tuesday 1st November 2022, this time in a limited release through new health regulations that will reduce the maximum reach for 20,000 people inside; However, a long list of events that can be consulted directly from the official website has been scheduled, including the historical cosplay costume show.

  • Milan Games and Cartomix Week 2022-25 November

Italy’s most popular video game fair is back 25-27 November 2022: Milan Games Week is again merged with Cartoomics, also in Halls 8-12-16 in Rho Vieira; Participants will have access to a truly complete event, which combines board games, video games, cinema, comics and esports shows (tickets are already on sale on the official website).

Back to US travel, documents, and ESTA

All tech and video game fans wish we could soon be back to full capacity with All trade fairs reopen Which is now a fixed date, like E3 which unfortunately won’t be present until 2022 but starting in 2023 it will almost certainly be.

For those who plan to attend trade fairs and events abroad, do not forget that in some countries it is necessary to request some additional documents before departure. Really whoever wants Go to the United States To participate in the upcoming Tribeca or E3 fair, they must have a US passport or visa. In the absence of these documents It is necessary to apply for an ESTA onlineeven if the stay on US soil is very short, and its duration is valid for 90 days.

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to get this travel permission For the USA, it is enough to apply online by filling out a certain form and paying the required amount. Wait times to receiveESTA for travel to the United States Very short, it usually takes one to three days to get it and be in a good position to go on a trip and participate in exhibitions and events in America, among which we remember the most important and important in this sector: CES and E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo).

Not just exhibitions: in fact you will remember that until recently were great video game shows and International Championships One of the main competitive video games. The growing interest in the world esports It will push the organizers to bring life to the arenas in the USA where the international finals of great classic games for consoles and PC will be hosted. For these reasons and not only it is always a good idea to make sure you have all the correct documents, passports and ESTA before traveling abroad and not receive any nasty surprises on the day you are about to leave.

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