The results of the partnership between ITV Studios and Azerion

calenduladigital media and entertainment platform Announced the first results of the global partnership with ITV Studiosan agreement that included the creation of a completely branded/customized space dedicated to the Love Island TV show in the virtual world Hideaway Hotel by Azerion. What was created was a “meeting place”, the Love Island villa to be precise, within the virtual world of Hotel Hideaway, which created greater user involvement than all other spaces already in the virtual world.

Now, following the early successes of the partnership, Azerion and ITV Studios continue to offer players new experiences and launch the first series of monthly “World of Love Island” auditions.

Azerion ITV Studios Partnership Results

In the first 15 hours of launching the branded chamber, 135,000 virtual parts were sold. After 30 days, sales reached 545,000 thanks to the blue and pink hats being the most sought after item.

Love Island’s Hideaway score surpassed previous campaigns on the virtual social gaming platform which saw an average of 75,000 items sold in the first 15 hours and 360,000 items sold after the first 30 days.

The branded room dedicated to Love Island attracted 3 million visits in 30 days, with an average of 46,000 visitors per day, who spent an average of 52 minutes over the period.

“World of Love Island Quiz” at Hideaway Hotel

With the Love Island season reuniting with the UK on Sunday 7 August and with the US season ending on 28 August, Azerion, in partnership with ITV Studios, brings new interactive and engaging experiences to its users, such as “The World of Love Island Quiz”, the first series of quizzes The monthly allocated program within the Hideaway Hotel.

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Players can now join other Love Island Mansion characters on the beach to test their knowledge through featured footage from the show from around the world.

With the new immersive experience of the “World of Love Island” competition, players are asked to answer questions such as: What will happen next? What color was his swimming shorts? What country does this resident of the island come from? The game allows the user to physically step on the footplates A, B or C until the footplate is played with the correct answer.

With three rounds, each containing five questions, broadcast four times a day (to cover all time zones), players will not miss the opportunity to prove who is the greatest expert on Love Island; All participants will get a special pin to show off the game.

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