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The restaurant ended up blacklisted in the United States: every mistake of the homonymous

Alessandro Bazzoni is 45 years old, owner of a restaurant in the suburbs of Verona; On February 1, he went to the bank to withdraw and thus discovered that the account was closed due to the arrival of a report to his account from the United States: He is accused of helping Venezuela evade US sanctions on oil and an international plot that lasted two months. All because of the symmetry.

No relation to Bazzoni, the owner of the restaurant. However, his name ends up on the US government blacklist. The real manager, always called Alessandro Pazzoni, resides in Lugano, has a $ 32 million company and through a partner company, Swissoil Trading, affiliated with the state company Petróleos de Venezuela (Pdvsa), would have created a hypothetical marketing parallels that are not outsourced. Official to Pdvsa. Venezuelan oil will then be bottled via Turkey and Singapore through companies registered in Mexico, the United Arab Emirates, or Russia.

For this reason, American investigators decided, on the final day of the Trump administration, to block his accounts and put him on the index. Too bad, however, that they had the wrong man.

The owner of the restaurant has not lost heart. After he knocked on the door of Italian law enforcement agencies unsuccessfully to report the incident and was told he had to hire a lawyer to open a dispute with the United States, he decided to do it himself. “I wrote directly to the US Government Office digital platform – he says -. I uploaded the Chamber of Commerce registration certificate, ID card, tax code, and passport to email and compared it with the one with the same name, which, it does not look like me at all.”

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The trader discovered that there was also a third Alessandro Bazzoni, a resident of Puerto Torres, who was also “banned” by the United States, and had the same concerns.

The turning point came on April 1, so unexpected that the owner of the restaurant thought of a joke. “But all of this was true – he continues -. Without sending me any letter of apology, the US government made my life back by removing the ban on accounts.” After the storm, now the restaurant owner wants to joke, too. “I wrote to the Americans again – he says – to at least ask them to let me get a green card. I deserve it.”

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