The Renzi case is also small in the British House of Commons, but in this case…

Even in Great Britain there are some, if not partially identical, cases similar to the case of Senator Renzi in Italy. The last chronological is who sees the protagonist as Parliamentarian Sir Geoffrey Cox, who sits in the House of Commons in a group of Conservatives.

British MPs can take on additional functions – for example as doctors or lawyers, write books or give lectures – but they are required to declare their additional income along with gifts and donations if received. However, they cannot lobby … neither for corporations nor for foreign governments.

In any case, the regulation says it clearly: parliamentarians cannot use public resources, including their offices in the council, for “personal or financial benefits”.

Cox, who earned nearly £900,000 from his legal practice last year, took part in a virtual meeting on 14 September with representatives of the BVI government who requested his legal support, but using his office in the House of Commons.

What Cox did will be discussed by a special commission to deal with these issues, after the issue had been brought before it by some members of the Labor Party who, as they should, made it a political issue.

However, the most interesting thing about the story is that Sir Geoffrey Cox, contrary to what Senator Regnano Sol Arno Matteo Renzi has stated thus far, in addition to saying that he did not believe he did anything improper and deferred to the verdict. He stated that it would also be the voters of his constituency (Torridge/West Devon) for the following policies who would judge by their vote whether or not his activity as a Member of Parliament representing their interests was properly conducted.

Not only. Even representatives of his party, such as Health Minister Sajid Javid, state that parliamentarians must be transparent about the role they play… It’s not that they begin to agitate their opponents to deny a fact or acknowledge it regardless. .justice, in defiance of any rules and/or political opportunity in relation to the public office being filled.

The same goes for the press. In Italy, on the other hand, there are pseudo-journalists who claim to be so called when in fact they are simple party contestants who, for convenience, in Renzi’s case support him being an indecent victim.

Great Britain gave us some examples of what seems like science fiction normal life in Italy.

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