The release date will be placed after the release date of Redfall –

There is still no accurate information about release day From starfieldbut the potential security stems from the fact that this will be placed After the release of RedfallAccording to Matt Botty, President of Xbox Game Studios at Microsoft.

In a recent interview with the Friends Per Second podcast, Booty did not want to give exact information about the next big game releases by Xbox Game Studiosbut if nothing else, he set the order of release dates, with Redfall certainly arriving before Starfield.

This isn’t too surprising: although it was revealed later, Redfall has the character of a title almost ready, also considering what has already been seen from the game in question.

While Starfield continues to really flaunt the dropper, in fact with only a demo playing from last June showing anything real about the game, the Redfall comparison was already pretty subtle.

Obviously, that doesn’t indicate a certainty just yet, but if nothing else, it does allow you to get a vague idea of ​​how these releases will lay in 2023. There isn’t even a specific Redfall release date yet, but it’s still expected. Towards the spring of next year, with some rumors that it will be released in March 2023.

If confirmed, we can believe that Starfield will arrive later, which still opens up many possibilities: it may arrive around the same period as spring, or towards May, or move further towards summer in June. However, it is not excluded that it will be launched directly in the period of the holiday season 2023, which will bring it up to the fall of 2023, in line with Microsoft’s habit of launching its flagship titles in that period.

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