The release date on PC has been revealed with an amazing game show –

The Bright Memory Infinite development team has shared a new trailer for the game indicating a PC release date for the game: November 11, 2021. The Xbox Series X release will follow on an unspecified date.

Furthermore, it has been pointed out that anyone who purchased Bright Memory on PC by the Bright Memory Infinite release date will get this latest version as a free version. The game will be available on Steam and GOG. The first game currently costs 8.19 euros, while according to the official Infinite version it will cost 19.99 dollars (the number in euros will be the same). So it is convenient to buy the basic version now to get Infinite for free.

The official product description reads: “Bright Memory: Infinite expands on the deep fighting experience in the Bright Memory prequel, which has wowed hundreds of thousands of players on Steam and Xbox Series. Uses guns, blades, and special abilities to alter time and gravity to brutally kill legendary monsters and future soldiers.”

“In the year 2036, a strange phenomenon for which scientists have not found any explanation occurred in the sky around the world. The Supernatural Science Research Organization (SRO) sent agents to different regions to investigate this phenomenon. And soon it was discovered that this phenomenon is strange. The events are connected with an ancient mystery – A date still unknown to two worlds, about to emerge…”

Bright Memory: Supports Infinite DLSS, ray-traced reflections, global shadows and lighting, along with NVIDIA Reflex to reduce latency “for an unforgettable experience.” The dubbing will be in English and Japanese, while the translation will be in Italian.

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Also here are new images of the sci-fi shooter.

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