The relationship with the United States is at its lowest point. I’m a murderer? Smile of contempt –

The former head of the White House, Donald Trump, is a “colored individual”, an extraordinary and talented person. He has personality and has not descended from the American establishment” and from “big politics.” The current tenant of the White House, Joe BidenOn the other hand, “fundamentally different, he has spent almost his entire life in politics.” This was stated by the Russian President Russian President Vladimir Putin In an exclusive interview with MSNBC, on the eve of the expected face-to-face meeting with Biden in Geneva, he nonetheless emphasized that he could work with Biden.

Russian PresidentHe also wished his American counterpart would not make “impulsive” decisions and laughed contemptuously, prompting Biden to call him. “killer” Then he added that he had heard such accusations dozens of times, but this was something he did not care about. “During my tenure, I have been accustomed to attacks from all angles and from all kinds, under all kinds of pretexts and reasons; attacks of different caliber and ferocity and none of this surprises me. I think they are words that express American culture”

Meanwhile, relations between the United States and Russia They are at “the lowest levels in years,” said Putin, who called Washington Post rumors “nonsense” that Russia is preparing to show it to Tehran Advanced satellite system: “We have cooperation plans with Iran. But this is just a new fake. It’s nonsense, rubbish.

Jun 12, 2021 (change on Jun 12, 2021 | 02:46)

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