The Reality of the New Mortgage for Checking Accounts in Tax Reform That Has Many Concerned (Let Us Explain)

What is the truth about the new mortgage of current accounts in tax reform that scares many? Work continues on defining a new tax reform that, as announced by the government, could be officially approved even before the summer holidays, but there are concerns about what might change in the foreclosure for those who don’t pay taxes or have other debts with the tax authorities.

In fact, there has been talk for some time about the possibility of examining and closing current accounts for those who do not pay their debts regularly, but after various discussions and disagreements, here are some explanations given in this regard.

  • Mortgage on checking accounts in the new tax reform the truth
  • Meanwhile, the recent new reform has already changed foreclosures on checking accounts

Mortgage on checking accounts in the new tax reform the truth

According to the new tax reform, The government can allow the Revenue Agency and corporate subjects to access taxpayers’ checking accounts with what is called compulsory taxation. To settle payments of unpaid taxes and fines.

It could have been the leader of Italy, Viva Matteo Renzi, who spoke of the new compulsory withdrawal from current accounts that the Meloni government would like to introduce in the tax reform, announcing, at the same time, the intention to introduce an amendment to abolish this measure.

In reality In the new tax reform, there is no compulsory collection of current accounts to settle debts that citizens are likely to contract but the possibility of checking them to verify the existence of funds.

In particular, as explained by Deputy Minister of Economy Liu, the new tax reform discusses the new possibility of the government to enhance collection also by rationalizing and automating the procedures for closing current accounts but only with systems to check if there is money in the checking accounts and thus closing a possible foreclosure on an account may be successful or, conversely, have no effect. In any case, there will be all the protections offered to debtors.

Along with this potential novelty would also be the gradual overcoming of the turn, which could be achieved by extending the Executive Assessment Notice to other types of payments providing for notice of the debtor of an action before the turn and notice of payment.

The government’s goal is to speed up the collection process Reducing the time and thus facilitating debt repayment.

Meanwhile, the recent new reform has already changed foreclosures on checking accounts

While waiting to understand how the foreclosure game will play out with the new tax reform, The reform of Kartabeya already provided for changes to the seizures by amending the executive process of the current account seizures, Homes and other assets with a new electronic search system for assets and credits to be forfeited.

According to what has been established since the first of last March, the creditor is executing Find assets to be seized Debtors must submit an official request to the bailiff to identify them in the tax and social security databases.

The new system for seizing current accounts, homes and other assets is based on traversing all data held by various databases and allows bailiffs to access financial management databases to search electronically for assets to be attached, whether current accounts or tangible assets, at the request of a creditor or to submit the asset for insolvency procedures at the request of a trustee.

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