The ranking of the most reliable cars in the USA

In the ranking of the most reliable cars in the United States, this immediately becomes clear Asian homes do much better Europeans, the impressive confirmation is correct in the first place, as we see Lexus, which also outperforms Porsche, right below the ranking.

There are many aspects that determine a vehicle’s quality, including its ability to meet consumer expectations. But it is necessary The ability to rely onThat is, the small number of mechanical and technical problems encountered while using the vehicle. According to his latest study Analysis Company JD Power And in many sample surveys, the quality of a vehicle depends on the number of problems owners face during the vehicle’s life cycle. This is an analysis done every year for 32 years and targeted at American motorists. The study takes into account the number of problems on a sample of 100 vehicles during the past 12 months, which 33,251 owners faced after three years of life. The increased reliability is clearly linked to the Less trouble.

The 2021 edition is focused on 177 specific problems Grouped into eight major categories. There are 121 problems for every 100 vehicles. The Korean and Japanese brands are showing their stellar performance this year, with fewer problems for their owners than those driving American and European cars. Lexus brand with its group, For the ninth time in a row in 10 years, he won again first place, Followed closely by Porsche, Kia, Toyota, Buick and Cadillac. The most reliable model ever, for the second time in three years, is the Porsche 911 (recently introduced the new GT3 with extreme power).

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Audio – Communication – Entertainment – Navigation is The most important sectorThe person who has encountered the most problems even if he is getting better. is being you are here? Maison Palo Alto, score 176 PP100 (Led by eclectic Elon Musk, who thinks about one and makes 100It was not formally classified in this study because it does not meet the criteria. Reason? Unlike all other automakers, Tesla does not allow JD Power to investigate brand car owners in 15 countries. This means that the result was calculated on the survey sample of homeowners living in the other 35 states.

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