The ramp to the gym is missing, my disabled daughter is alone in the classroom while her classmates are doing physical activity

The hurdles Architect They raised a wall between Kaitani High School in Rome The mother of a disabled student is unable to enter the gym due to some steps. The complaint comes from Mother The Girl Who Through the Roman Edition of “Corriere della SeraHe pointed his finger at The school: “They leave girl in the classroom support teacher While the rest of the class goes to do it education physical education. They never told us this Situation“.

case – according to Mother subordinate disabled young man – which was months late in construction Problems Myself Based on Insertion the girl. But to tell another version of the story a is the manager Olympia Terrierat the helm of high school for about a year: “No Mom He knew what we were like The school And he knows that his daughter was not left alone in the classroom, but rather a rotation There are some companions Who stay with you to do business education physical education“.

there owner Regret for what happened, however, does not hide reality: “It is true that entering Sport club There are some steps which makes it difficult for one to reach it person handicapped. The problem is that our problem The school It is a former monastery and the gym is located where the cellar used to be. Impossible to install one sliding Because it will take up a lot of space and become dangerous. Unfortunately many schoolsAnd not only that, they were born in buildings that were used for other purposes and there are no suitable places for educational activities as well as setting limits for disabled children.”

TerrySince I got to high school, she hasn’t stood still and watched. Take a pen and paper to write to City train station to find one solution And in these very days, he met the enterprise’s engineer: “Our school has a specialty attention For those who are having difficulty. Thirty percent of our students are handicapped. everybody ‘open day I didn’t hide anything from my parents. We are working on finding Solution that do not appear in the snap of your fingers. within the money banner Which will restructure The school So that he can get a certificate Ease of useWe will also make interventions in the gym to equip it emergency exits which can also be used to facilitate access for the disabled. It’s a matter of time. This girl’s mother had to understand that.”

Mother Burning toHowever, she was willing to do anything to see her daughter do what all her other companions do: she was even willing to offer one. slope Used to climb by car to school. a suggestion Contradicts the rules public institution: “Everything here should be Organizeyou must be able to guarantee safety for each pupil. Only one can be imagined slope can be assembled and disassembled; serve Personal What he does.” A story that is destined not to find an easy solution for a few more months.

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