The rain of falling stars, the peak approaches with approximately 100 meteors every hour. We tell you when » . will be

ASTRONOMY: A star-studded rain, peaking with approximately 100 meteors every hour. We tell you when it will be

After the night of San Lorenzo comes the peak of falling starsAfter the night of San Lorenzo comes the peak of falling starsI just passed San Lorenzo night, the extraordinary astronomical event that makes us immerse ourselves in a unique scenario that is characterized by it swarm of meteors Ranging from yellow to red, from blue to green. A painting painted in nature that gives emotions and suggestions that have always been associated with rituals and dreams. It’s possible that someone had seen a few rising stars, maybe dozens, but if they could see hundreds of them, wouldn’t it be nicer?
Well, even if the night of August 10 is the most famous for observing the stars, it is not the most fruitful to see so many of them fall. In fact, over the years the night Where it will be possible to observe the top From the Perseid squadron has moved over time to become one Between the 12th and the 13th of August. Tonight they can even be seen 100 meteors in one hour.
Between July 25 and August 16 there will be traffic Meteor showers of Perseids. This occurs when the Earth, in the course of its revolution, passes through clouds of debris and dust left by comets along its orbit around the Sun (in this case the comet). Swift Tuttle).

But what are the conditions to see them at their best?

To observe the falling stars, you do not need special equipment and it is not necessary to know how to identify the constellations, but it is important to take some basic precautions.
Here are some of them:

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Find a dark place. It is necessary to find dark sky conditions with a wide view to be able to expand the possibilities of observing shooting stars and enjoying the show.

Give yourself some time. It would seem pretty straightforward to say, but we shouldn’t be in a hurry. Have a lot of patience and wait for the eyes to adjust to the darkness, this will allow you to see more stars and meteors.

Prefer the beach or meadow. This way you will have a perfect view of the entire night sky. Of course, we are talking about secluded beaches, far from coastal resorts, and often lit up in the evening.

how it’s going to be weather conditions In Italy? Here are the updated forecasts.
According to the latest updates, the weather in the coming days until the end of the week will be pleasant, even warm and pleasant in the evening. The sky will be clear and full of stars for sure.
Good vision!

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