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LONDON – Queen Elizabeth, 96 next month, returns to show herself today from Windsor Castle where she personally greets Mary Simon, Governor-General of Canada in London (a title that corresponds to the title of UK ambassador to the representatives of Commonwealth countries associated with the Crown) for afternoon tea. Simon was accompanied by his wife, journalist Wyatt Fraser, as shown by pictures broadcast by the court on British television.

For the King, who in the morning received the ambassadors of Mongolia and Tajikistan in a virtual audience, linked by video, was a return to the scene after yesterday’s loss of the religious service held according to tradition at Westminster Abbey on Commonwealth Day: an appointment that should have sealed his attendance at a mass public event for the first time is not Only after recovering from covid infection in mid-February, but even since last October. From that moment on, doctors strongly recommended a period of rest and minimally limited institutional activities, interspersed, among other things, with rapid hospitalization for non-specific “tests”.

According to the media, today’s meeting in no way cancels out the unknown about the upcoming external dates that are still scheduled on paper on the agenda of Elizabeth II – from the remembrance of Prince Philip, scheduled for March 29 a few days before today. The first anniversary of her disappearance, even the main events of the next few months that were orchestrated for the platinum jubilee after 70 years on the throne – due to the walking difficulties that she herself recently admitted.

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Difficulties which – according to various sources – currently prevent her from remaining standing if not for a few minutes or from moving without (unwelcome) use of a wheelchair: by forcing her now also to delegate obligations, she cares too much about heir Carlo.

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