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Destroy all stars Available through PS Plus at PS5 Just over a week ago and received a new update that modifies technical issues, matchmaking players and changes the performance of weekly and daily challenges / missions. Here are the details of the Correction 1.2.3.

As we noted in our review, the AllStars Destruction Missions Not only were they not interested in terms of playing, but they were absolutely useless to get the player up. In fact, the daily is rewarded with 3,000 XP and the weekly is 5,000. Completely disproportionate negative values ​​compared to PE which can be obtained through matches. So Lucid Games changed the rewards: Starting with Update 1.2.3, Daily Missions donate 25000 PE (Practically a full-fledged first-rank level), while the Weekly donates directly AllStars Coins, and is useful for buying cosmetics.

With this step, which came earlier than we had hoped, not only does the issue of utility challenges be solved, but also Total time required to obtain all cosmetics discount. Given that these are just the new colors of the default outfits, it took a very long time to unlock the shapes. However, this isn’t the only new feature in AllStars 1.2.3 Destruction.

Some problems that caused Client crashThe description of error messages has been improved, the rate at which players in a group are divided into different matches at the end of the match has been reduced, and the bug that showed the incorrect player level was fixed. The Matchmaking problems Another point we emphasized in the review was: It’s nice to see the team working on the most pressing issues.

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You can read our review of the Destruction AllStars at this address.

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