The PS5 appears to have issues displaying non-HDR content according to Digital Foundry –

PS5 It seems to have some Problems a Display non-HDR content, With the problem that has already appeared in recent months and is also being addressed quite recently Digital foundryWhich explained how SDR content is not displayed properly even with HDR mode off.

This is an issue that can most likely be resolved with a PS5 software update, but it has been detected by many users at the moment, although you likely have some sensitivity to image quality just to notice it. The whole question started with a tweet from Tim Rogers, who thought it was showing the superiority of OLED over the LCD by displaying the Demon Souls main screen of the PS5 on two different screens.

In fact, as Alex Battaglia of Digital Foundry and John Linneman pointed out, the Contained in the Special Drawing Rights It still has issues on the PS5, which is shown quite clearly by taking videos and also using the same games on the PS4 Pro, Xbox, or other platforms.

The problem might be due to the fact that the PS5 displays any HDR content by default, through a system that provides an HDR container for SDR content, but the display appears incorrect even by completely disabling HDR.

The question is mainly related to Black level, Which tends to create a file Black crush Generalized on dark tones: This issue is related to the tonal range and practically leads to a loss of detail over the dark tones as they tend to make them very homogeneous and effectively hide some of the details.

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At this point, we are waiting for any information from Sony, which can solve the problem through a neighbor Firmware update For PS5.

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