The Prime Minister of Scotland can be appointed

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It was the doctors who advised her not to travel to London. Also of concern are Prince Charles’ regular unplanned visits to his mother

For the first time since we can remember, British Prime Minister can be appointed outside London. Specifically in Scotland, where Queen Elizabeth has been for about a month for the traditional summer vacation at Balmoral Castle. because of this Health conditions, which continue to cause concernDoctors advised her not to return to London.

She advised the Queen not to travel, but apparently no one was telling her what to do. She would decide. And as we saw when he appeared for the third time on the Buckingham Palace Jubilee BalconyShe loves surprises,” explained a source to the Sun. The degree of anxiety is affected by unscheduled – and therefore unusual – visits by him. Prince Charles For the mother who has become more regular.

New plans could also affect the birth of the new government. On September 6, the Queen was expected to arrive at Buckingham Palace to appoint the Prime Minister. According to plans, on that day, the Queen will name the winner of the Conservative primaries, one of the Rishi Sunak or Liz Truss. However, a plan has already been made to allow Boris Johnson and the new prime minister to join the Queen in Scotland.

This wouldn’t be the first time that Queen Elizabeth has skipped a founding ceremony due to her health conditions. The last time was in June, during the platinum jubilee, at the opening ceremony organized in St. Paul’s Cathedral . Prior to that, the Parliament opening ceremony. In this case, Carlo, heir to the crown, took care of his mother, and was locked up at Buckingham Palace. The goal on that occasion was to protect it in light of the long weekend of the Platinum Jubilee celebrations. But this time, Elizabeth has hinted that she wants to be the one to appoint the next prime minister. And if you can’t go to LondonLondon will have to move.

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