The President of South Korea and his passion for karaoke: he sings to Biden “American Pie” to the applause of the audience – the video

Study now, love later. South Korean President Yoon Sok Yol, on a state visit to Washington on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the alliance between the two countries, seems to have taken the proverb literally. During a state dinner at the White House, the Seoul leader — known at home as a karaoke fan — performed at a gala performance (Singing) Unexpected: Taking the mic he actually performed on the notes of Don McClain’s famous 1971 song, American pieMagician Joe Biden. “We know this is one of your favorite songs,” said US President Lyon, after bringing him on stage at the end of the night to hear the singers perform the classic. “Yeah, that’s right,” Yoon, 62, admitted. “We want to hear her sing,” Biden pressed. “It’s been a while but…” The South Korean leader replied, offering only timid resistance. And so Yoon sang the first verses of the a cappella song, drawing applause from the audience and delighting Biden and the first lady. The tenant of the White House concluded, “Our next state dinner will be for entertainment.”

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