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The premise of stopping TikTok for civil servants: here in detail

After the US decision, TikTok could also be stopped for public servants in Italy: here are the hypotheses.

The hypothesis of stopping TikTok civilian employees: Among the most popular applications today, especially among young people, there are definitely Tik Tokthe social network where people communicate through variable-duration videos.

The social network has achieved global success, as it includes Election campaign in Italyin Elections were held on 25 September.

But behind it are different shades Tik Tok: The application would be dangerous in the field of cyber security. For this reason, the social network has been banned from mobile phones of employees European Commissionwhich ordered employees to uninstall the app by March 15th.

Scale follows that of US government: President of the United States, Joe Bidenin fact, he was the first to ask all public servants to uninstall TikTok.
defined decisionbased on prejudicesAccording to the Asian giant dance bytesthe owner of the application.

This provision, however, could also be extended to Italy: Minister of Public Administration Zangrilloin fact, confirmed that the hypothesis was on the table.
Let’s see in detail.

TikTok civil servants stop hypothesis: what will happen in Italy

As mentioned before Minister Zangrillo:

The options could be to move as Brussels did or to take a different decision. It’s a choice I can’t make on my own, I have to compare myself to other institutions and we’ll both agree on a line. This topic has recently arrived on the agenda. Already next week we will have to discuss and try to come to an assembly. We’ll make a decision quickly. Now we need a deep understanding of the national security risks.”

Obviously, the decision created a debate, even within the executive branch itself.
He also talked about this topic Matthew SalviniDeputy Prime Minister and Minister of Infrastructure:

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“Regarding the ban of TikTok, I am confused and opposed to any kind of censorship, in a liberal society before reaching radical ‘blocks’ one should think carefully. In Brussels they are already thinking of silencing TikTok. I always support freedom of thought and speech And expression and against all censorship. Check yes, honor yes, but I never like censorship.”

There is still no discussion about who might need to delete TikTok from their mobile phone. But, among the hypotheses, there isban extension Also for school administrators, teachers and staff.

TikTok civil servant suspension hypothesis: Is the app really dangerous?

the Italian user dataas well as European, are stored in the United States, Singapore and soon in the Irish data center.
As mentioned before James Lev Mannheimerhead of corporate relations for Southern Europe at TikTok, the Chinese government has never requested access to the Italian users’ data (but in any case, they have never been granted).

Despite this, the social network that young people love remains in plain sight of Italian institutions.

already last december, Republic Security Committee The TikTok investigation began, then Chris WrayDirector of the FBI, claimed that the app was a tool, in the hands of the Chinese government, capable of targeting social content and influencing users.

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