The ‘premiere’ of Carnevali

yesterday – TQQ in Naples: Tris 18-5-4, € 843.18 for ten winners; Quarté 18-5-4-17 € 2,615.01 for one winner; Quinte 18-5-4-17-3, Nevada

France / 1 – In the runway yesterday in Fontainebleau, the first French victory for Fabio Carnevale, who resumed his training at 66 last fall: he was handicapped at about 1/15 with 4-year-old Edgar Best, the holder of the Esageruma Nein brigade, the previous winner only once in June 2020, when Alessandro Botti coached. After 300 meters, Mastercraftsman’s son took the lead and on the long finish line with Eddy Hardouin, he easily escaped from the group (in the picture).

Yesterday I jogged in Vincennes: Session D (33,000 €, 2,100 €) 7. HELIOS de Champs 13.7; Session B (50.000 €, m. 2850) 4. Aura Sl 14.1, 6. Allegra Wf 14.1, 9. Ares Caf 14.9, 10. Atena Op 15.4, Aguacate rp. Gallup yesterday in La Taste de Boch: air conditioning (€ 25,000, 1,600m) 8. Picnic Royal; Disability (14,000 euros, 2000m) 2. Girly Pearl. Gallup yesterday in Fontainebleau: Handicap (21,000 euros, 2,000 million) 1. Edgar Best (owner Esagroma Nin Sas, coach F Carnevale). Today I jog in Vincennes: Cycle B (44,000 €, 2,700m) Intrepide Turgot; Course C (58,000 €, 2,700 m) Vipera Killer Gar; Course D (37,000 euros, 2,100m) is picturesque. Gallup today in Marseille: Disability (16,000 euros, 2,000 million) Medomo. Gallup today in Bordeaux: Disability (18000 €, 1900m) Preference, Dolcevita.

France / 2 – Saint Turgeon’s future plans are traced, after the second successive success in the Auteuil Tower: the 5-year-old from Davide Satalia will compete in another race in May only with at least smooth ground, then go to rest to come back in the fall and compete in two races In preparation for the Prix La Haye Jousselyn (Group 1, m. 5500 tower) in November, the main seasonal event in the specialty, equivalent in the fall to the Parisian Grand Steeple in the spring. In the meantime, new access to the Satalia pits needs to be registered, thanks to a significant investment by Christian Troger and Arcadio Vangelisti: Goas Mat, a 5-year AQPS purchased yesterday for € 150,000 in a “fast” auction (one hour long)) on Internet organized by Auctav. Under the orders of Mickael Seror, he won 3 wins and 3 spots in 7 races: all successive successes came in 2021 and the last one in a listed tower in Auteuil.

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Sweden – Jogging yesterday in Solvalla: Treåringslopp-Ston (152,000 SEK, m. 2140) 4. Chloé degli Dei 14.9. Today jog at Bergsaker’s: Norrlands Elitserie (129,500 kr, 2,140 m) Cash Maker.

England Yesterday in Newbury, Lanfranco Dettori got a double of 20/1 with Mithras in a handicap and Gloria Mundi at the start. Instead, Marco Gianni played the first listed player of his career, finishing thirteenth with the alien Little Angel on Lansdown Stakes (1000 meters). Today ran to Nottingham: maiden (5214 L, 2000 mM).

Milan – During the weekend in Milan, first engagements of Salvatore Solas, from the beginning he installed the stables of Ivy and New Edge: today he will ascend to Love Yourself, and tomorrow The Conqueror and Security Reason With The Conqueror in Premio Certosa (listed, € 38,500, m. 1000 pd) he will have to face the Czech Ponntos, who are unbeaten in Italy, and the Spanish Kitty Marion, a former Godolphin who has remained in three straight wins.

ASTA SGA – Since yesterday on the webpage the catalog of the SGA Mixed Auction to be held online on Tuesday 20 from 11 to 16 is available, with photos and videos for all 63 members, which includes horses in training, untrained females , Nags and siblings. Certainly the highlight of the auction is the 3-year-old Collinsby, the listed winner who is still in third place in Pisa and is among the favorites for Parioli on April 25: he’s one of 16 horses from the Luigi Genube dispersion, among them too Another winner on Captain Magnum’s list. Also of note is a couple of mares, including a Senafe laid from German Guinea, a relative vivacity from French Haras de Thouars, and again, for those looking for a pedigree reason in a breeding perspective, Wakanaka’s 3-year-old sister.

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