“The Premier League is destroying football, it is only for the good of the great players”

Barcelona defender Gerrard Pique Take a clear stand towards Sopraloy In an interview with Skybet: “It destroys football because only the big clubs benefit from it, it is not the best thing for the fans.”

Crazy Dani Alves training with Barcelona

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Crazy Dani Alves training with Barcelona

Super Lig, Pique vs Juventus, Real and Barcelona: “It’s not the right thing”

The Premier League has become a thing very political here in Spain – Pique explained –the press is controlled by many people who support the project, it is not the same in United kingdom It is opposed by many fans. In my view, you are destroying football because you only prefer the big clubs. I don “t think so Real Madrid, Barcelona and Juventus They did the right thing, although I totally understand their situation. For the fans, I don’t think it’s the best thing.”

Pique and the rivalry of Guardiola and Mourinho: “It was very difficult”

Pique also mentioned fierce competition Between Barcelona and Real in years Guardiola and Mourinho: “It was really difficult, Mourinho came to Real after winning the treble with Inter, but 5-0 lost His first classic. There were very heavy press conferences, the pressure was increasing every day and maybe that’s why at some point For Guardiola, it was too much. It has nothing to do with football, Mourinho gets in players’ heads and if he tells you that someone hates you, you believe him. I remember when Iker Casillas He didn’t welcome me into the national team.”

Araujo, how scary it is at Camp Nou: even the ambulance is on the field

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Araujo, how scary it is at Camp Nou: even the ambulance is on the field

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