The podium fades for Gillardi Ambrosini at the Grand Prix de France. Azzurri is still on the way to the final – OA Sport

Nothing to do for Rebecca Gilardi Filippo Ambrosini. The blue couple, in a full-fledged podium battle, had to satisfy 4th place in the Grand Prix De France 2022stage three of the ISU Grand Prix 2022-2023 ice rink, after marking a few related smears.

The athletes from Blue Flames, as usual disguised in all the key elements of the couple, did indeed Precious points lost in parallel jumps, making two real empty lanes in salchow, rotated only twice with disjointed access, and in the double axis, which the lady opened in the air, and thus deteriorated. Because of these two distortion The pupils of Rossana Morante and Franca Bianconi – while correctly bringing home the rest of the difficulties – collected only 113.79 (53.53, 60.26) against 174.72. However, today’s result does not detract from the possibility of qualifying for the Turin finals. Our boys, in fact, win the Finnish stage (within wide reach) They can have a luxury seat at PalaVela.

The race is not exceptional from a technical point of viewby Veterans Deanna Stellato Dudek-Maxime Deschamps Which, with this success, they secured The pass to the finals with good performance With a value of 121.51 (59.35, 64.16) in 185.84, five lengths more than the house pair Camille Kovalev-Pavel Kovalevwho took advantage of her best advantage by taking a really unpredictable second place at 115.87 (56.01, 59.66) versus 179.85.

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Then the Germans closed at the lowest rung of the platform Annika Hawk – Robert Konkel, the authors of a mini return from the fifth position of the short with devoid of the high artistic value, which they grabbed 119.62 (59.83, 59.79) against 179.73. The fourth stage of the ISU Grand Prix circuit will take place next week in Sheffield (UK).

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Final ranking of artist pairs

Photo: Valerio Origo

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