The platform did not help me against the harasser –

No top streamers’LilipichoLeki publicly denounced this fact Twitch He would not have protected her, that is, he would not have helped her in any way in opposing his country Stalker.

LilyPichu took up the topic during a live broadcast on March 5, 2021, in which she said she was being harassed for a long time by a viewer, which led to her being inundated. conversation And her email containing unfriendly messages. Unfortunately, Twitch did nothing to stop it.

I recorded everything and tried to ask Twitch to do something, but they didn’t do anything. Nothing happened.Al said StreamerAdding “This guy will continue to create accounts until the end of time and will be blocked all the time. But nothing else will happen.

Lilypichu might have wanted Twitch to block her IP address, or do something to identify with him to prevent him from creating new accounts, but none of this has been done. The girl’s only solution might be to limit comments to donors only, but she doesn’t like the idea of ​​creating a wall between her and her viewers.

Whatever the case, Lilypichu isn’t intimidated by her aggressor: “NIt doesn’t bother me too much because he writes the same nonsense every time. It’s almost boring now. But if you were on my site, what would you do? I don’t check my emails anymore to avoid having to read spam in my inbox.“In fact, it shouldn’t be nice for people like that to follow you.

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