The planes were evacuated. Whoever was hiding in the bathroom, crossed all the rules – time

In an era of pandemic where no one can travel without incurring checks and penalties, a man can board a plane and lock himself in the bathroom to reach Italy illegally.

The absurd story happened on a Ryanair plane. A company in Brussels evacuated the plane, which landed in Milan, after a late departure from the Belgian capital. The man was arrested and subsequently handed over to the attorney general’s office in Hull Vilford.

According to the testimony of one of the passengers, the man first tried to take seats, which later turned out to be already allocated to other people. So he decided to lock himself in the bathroom to get to Milan. The Federal Police confirms the facts and indicates that the person boarded the plane without the necessary documents. How he did this is unknown, but the authorities will have to confirm it.

“The man caused a problem on the plane. He pushed the passengers and locked himself in the toilet. We were finally able to get him out without any problems. Since the man also left his bags on the plane, everyone had to leave. The plane could be checked,” a spokesperson explained the police. Passengers had to wait an hour on the tarmac. Finally, Ryanair managed to take off for Milan at 10 o’clock with a delay of 1 hour 20 minutes.

It all happened between Ryanair (Air Malta) flight 9H-QDS on Thursday morning around 08:30 at Brussels Airport and flight FR2963 for Milan Malpensa.

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