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The Boeing 777-300ER on the New York-Paris flight experienced landing problems. The pilots had to cancel the maneuver and try again. Experts analyze black boxes

The pilots of the Air France Boeing 777-300ER lost control of the plane for a few seconds As they were preparing to land at Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport and for this reason They also had to cancel the procedure of getting off and going around the airport and landing at a later time. The fact that happened on the morning of April 5th was confirmed Corriere della Sera By the airline BOA, the French Bureau of Civil Aviation Safety Investigations and Analysis. The voice of the commander and first officer shows the difficulties encountered in those moments.


The An Air France Boeing 777-300ER, which has been in service for 17 years, operated flight AF11 and took off from JFK Airport in New York. The night before, April 4th. It is unclear how many passengers were on the plane, and the company did not specify this. As they approached Charles de Gaulle’s Paris, the pilots began to have problems managing the aircraft. Conversations were recorded by fans About the airport and confirmed in Courier service From the insiders.

the approach

“Hey, here’s Air France Flight AF11 we take off towards left runway 26”, says one of the pilots in the control tower, Charles de Gaulle in the log. “Good morning Air France AR11, you are allowed to land on runway 26 left,” replied the observer assigned to manage the aircraft. The pilot asks, “Can you confirm that we are authorized to land on the left runway 26?” “I confirm, Air France AF11,” they replied from the tower. Everything is normal so far, but After a few moments, pilots can be heard making faces, then screeching as the alarm blares in the background: Boeing is not responding to commands. “Whoa whoa!”says the pilot.

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Sounds and excited voice watchtower alarm. They ask from the ground. “I’ll call you back,” said the pilot. Air France stopped approaching at an altitude of 1,500 feet (457 metres). so) immediately”, is the order that comes from the tower. “Okay, we stopped at 1500,” they answer from the cabin. But The alarm goes off again, then other audible warnings are added, while the pilot continues to force an indistinct maneuver of sound into the type. “Here’s AF11, let’s go, wait at 4,000 feet, and we’ll call you back,” they say from the plane.

second try

A few seconds later, as the Boeing prepares for another landing maneuver, the cabin contacts the turret again. “We wandered due to flight control issues. The pilot explains that the plane was not responding. “We are ready to resume the decline in the radar indicators. Give us time to manage the situation and then guide us by providing the tailwind.” “Okay AF11, I noticed the aircraft deviated from his left on the radar,” they explain from the turret.. “Do you want to go back to runway 26 left?” “We prefer runway 27 on the right,” the pilot replies. The plane lands at 9.31 without any other problems.


what happened? Spokesperson for the “Bureau d’Enquêtes et d’Analyses pour la sécurité de aviation civile” (Bea) – The Trans-Alpine Investigation Authority is among the most advanced in the world – explains Al Courier service who – which Experts analyze aircraft black box data. One records the cabin sound (Cockpit Voice Recorder, Cvr), and the other stores all flight parameters (Flight Data Recorder, Fdr). But, the spokesperson continues, It is still too early to tell whether an investigation should be opened into what happened.

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Air France has confirmed that the AF11 flight crew had to cancel the landingTake a tour to solve a technical issue during landing,” explains a company spokesperson.“The crew dealt with the situation and landed the plane normally after a second attempt.”. Alpine Airlines says it “regrets the inconvenience caused to passengers” and remembers it Crews are regularly trained and instructed on these proceduresUsed by all airlines to ensure the safety of flights and passengers.

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