The picture allows us to look at the new sprites –

Let’s see this High resolution image From Gothic remake New appear imps, or how these creatures have been recreated in the remake Alkimia Interactive is working on for the Embracer collection. They aren’t the most formidable enemies in the game but, especially in the beginning, they can still give you more than a few problems.

New sprites from the gothic remake
New sprites from the gothic remake

The information provided by the developers is very brief and describes the orcs as extremely annoying creatures for adventurers. In particular they could mark the end of less experienced warriors. Orcs tend to attack in groups and flank the enemy, striking them with laces, rusty swords, and anything else at hand.

I Maher And they have a quick hand, so much so that they stole Talas’ almanac in his camp. All that remains is to restore it.

We read Official description From the game:

In order to obtain the vast amount of magic ore needed to forge powerful weapons, King Rhobar II puts all available captives in the mines of Khrenys to work. To prevent him from escaping, the ruler asks the best magicians to make a magic barrier, but something goes wrong. Magic spirals out of control and a riot turns the mines into a lawless zone controlled by the most violent of prisoners.
The king is forced to come to terms with the leaders of the new faction, while the tension between the various groups inhabiting the mine continues to grow. What no one expects is that the arrival of an unknown prisoner will completely change the situation.

Features : Return to the colony in a complete remake of the popular and revolutionary Gothic game of 2001. Discover once again the world of a mining colony with its secrets and difficulties.
Play as an unknown hero – decide the fate of a prisoner who must survive in a world full of wild animals, creatures and dangerous prisoners.
A complete and faithful remake of the original Gothic 1.
An improved combat system that brings the core dynamics of the original into the modern era.

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