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The photographer insults the guests

The couple bought the whole package of raw footage, but as they watched they were in for a bitter surprise.

Louis Joost Adderley and her husband, Lee They asked their wedding photographer and videographer for access to all the raw footage taken during the reception.

They never thought they would receive videos where a file I’m shooting same severely insult their guests.

“There was very little in my family, but we were happy.”

“We had some problems with the film because a lot of the shots were planned and There were very few people in my family, but we were very happy after our wedding festivities said the couple.

Just over a year after their wedding, Lois Ghost-Adderley and Lee were approached by the photography studio that followed them and informed that they were going to. Delete their video from a sharing site.

Now watching the movie leaves a bad taste in our mouths.

“They sent us a message to check if we wanted to download anything before they removed the footage, so… We took the opportunity to ask him if they had footage of our first dance that included the original vocalOffered by the studio to buy the entire video package, the couple explained that they would pay extra.

The couple decided to accept the offer, but when they looked at the videos they had purchased, they were met with bitter surprise.

In fact, the photographer even accidentally sent them clips where he’s in He insulted their relatives and friends present. The studio apologized for what happened, but the couple claimed it Now watching the movie leaves a bad taste in our mouths..

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