The peel of this food is more complete than the peel of an apple and few people know it

We have long been told that many nutrients are found in the skin of an apple. Very true, but the peel of this food is more complete than the peel of an apple and few people know this. Let’s talk about cucumbers and their features. Let’s see with our editorial experts why we should eat this food more often, but not only.

He is famous for leather but not only

The peel of this food is more complete than the peel of an apple and few people know it, because they know cucumbers above all for its virtues in favor of the skin. Also present in cosmetics, it has a choice SilicaIt is essential for collagen production. So if anyone claims that cucumber prevents wrinkles, they are absolutely right. But not only silica, because in this food we find a food pyramid that moves from vitamin C to mineral salts, and passes through proteins. Practically all without the fat and calorie content. Therefore, despite their bitter taste, we should never deprive cucumbers of their peel, but rather enjoy them fully.

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Potato peel is good for looking young

We Italians are not ready to eat potatoes with the skin on. And we do it very badly! In fact, the peel of this tuber contains many of these ingredients to fill in sediment. Like that of Uncle Curmudgeon. We think the ratio of the presence of nutrients from peel to pulp in potatoes is 7-1, just to realize what we are analyzing. Especially iron and selenium. If we have difficulty handling the peel, we take new potatoes, they are sweeter even in the flavor of the peel.

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The peel of the pear also helps prevent constipation

If the famous apple of the day keeps the doctor away, then the pear is no different. Rich in vitamins, fiber and mineral salts, the peel of this fruit is a good ally for those suffering from constipation problems. In fact, coli derives great benefits from the pectin present in the fruit, which eliminates the problem of lazy gut. Thus, its antioxidants fight free radicals, the famous substances that make us age. It also reduces our immune defenses.


Guys, let’s celebrate the juice of this fruit because according to science it prevents prostate cancer

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