The PC and Internet bonus expires on November 9, 2021. For the second stage, focus on business

PC and Internet bonus, there is time until the deadline of November 9, 2021 to access the voucher up to 500 euros. Families with an ISEE of up to 20,000 euros, recipients of stage 1 of the plan are entitled to it. Then it will be up to the companies.

Computer and Internet RewardAnd The deadline is November 9, 2021 For the first stage of the voucher plan.

There are still a few hours available for families who want the privileges, recognized max 500 EUR terms of supply contracts Internet To buy tablets or computers.

What seems certain is that It will not be a “race to the last coupon” Available.

Data that can be accessed through the portal dedicated to piano voucher It turns out that of the total resources allocated, equal to 200,000,000 euros, about 94,000,000 are left, which is equal to 46.95% of the total.

Poor numbers appear appeal From the scale, for which a restart is being attempted with a start The second phase. after families It will be the role of companies.

The PC and Internet bonus expires on November 9, 2021. For the second stage, focus on business

Started on November 9 last year, the PC and Internet bonus up to 500 euros recognized in Families with ISEE not exceeding 20,000 euros, without an internet connection or with connection services less than 30 Mbit/s.

The coupon, which is part of the Ultra Broadband Connectivity Promotion Scheme, is recognized for terms Internet supply contracts, equivalent to at least 12 months, and for the purchase of a PC or tablet.

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The operational phase passes through authorized operators that citizens can contact through traditional sales channels. Recognized receipt amount equal to 200-400 EUR to activate Internet Based on 100-300 EUR To buy PC or tablet.

There are 266 operators who have applied for accreditation, and as of October 7, 2021, 169 operators were eligible to participate in the operational phase of the procedure.

The data is available on the website prepared by the Ministry of Economic Development dedicated to Ultra broadband strategic planInside it is a useful counter to monitor the progress of the measurement.

When the first phase of the Voucher Scheme set to expire on November 9, 2021, exactly one year after its launch, Almost half of the €200 million earmarked will remain available. Resources that can flow into the new phase of the project which, this time, should be looking at the companies.

Computer and Internet reward, look at the second stage aimed at companies

After the completion of the project targeting families with low ISEE, the ultra broadband deployment plan will consider Business.

According to the second initial project a step Of this measure should include families with ISEE exceeding 20,000 euros and Small and medium-sized companies, with a total of 900 million euros of available resources. However, it will gradually start In the first place, only companies will be involved, with a budget of 515.8 million euros.

Partial start related to the need to wait for the green light from the European Commission, which has arrived at the moment only in order to disburse bonuses to companies.

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Now awaiting news regarding the start date of the second phase, which according to what was reported by The only 24Ore you have to leave Between November and DecemberAs well as the amount to be paid to each company.

Some details are contained in the plan of the Ministry of Economic Development issued last year which stipulates, in order to encourage the digitization of business, granting Two different types of rewards:

  • a D 500 Euro voucher For a connection of at least 30 Mbps (all technologies, including satellite)
  • a voucher from 2000 euros For connection up to 1 gigabit (fiber).

This is the “basic structure” of the project dedicated to companies, which is awaiting more news about it soon.

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