The patch will be available at launch, here’s what’s in it –

Through the official website of Alan Wake RemasteredRemedy has confirmed that at the launch of the game there will be a patch for the first day of installation, which includes among other things Quality and performance graphics modes Per PS4 and Xbox One.

As described in section Instructions The update will basically improve Cinematic sequence quality And it will tweak “a few other things”, and possibly clean up the game code for some minor deficiencies.

As for the versions PS4 Pro and Xbox One X By Alan Wake Remastered, it will enable the first day of performance and quality modes to be corrected. With the former, the game will run at 1080p and 60fps on both devices. Instead, Quality mode blocks the frame rate at 30fps and guarantees 4K output resolution (with the PS4 Pro displaying at 1296p and the Xbox One X at 1440p).

Alan Wake: Remastered, the protagonist ventures into the dark
Alan Wake: Remastered, the protagonist ventures into the dark

Remedy also confirms that the game at launch will be complete with all its content, both in terms of the base game and the expansions “The Writer” and “The Signal”, even without installing the update. So if you are unable to connect your console to the network at launch for any reason, you will still be able to play and enjoy the full experience. As for the digital version, the patch as usual is already applied by default.

Alan Wake Remastered will be available for PS5, Xbox Series X, PS4, Xbox One, and PC starting from October 5th. A recent video compared the different versions of the game.

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