The patch made Ignatia Wildsmith even quieter, for everyone’s happiness –

Hogwarts Legacy It recently updated and we’ve already had a chance to see what’s new, but there’s one that isn’t included in the official patch notes. Ignatia Wildsmith Now it’s less annoying.

Ignatia Wildsmith Flo inventor He appears in the game as a modern relief at every teleportation point in Hogwarts Legacy. The woman has a few dialogues that she can use on every quick trip: after dozens of hours it gets really annoying. Then the team reduced the amount of times women spoke during our commutes.

Chandler Wood – Director of the Hogwarts Legacy Society – disclose information. Just confirmed an additional feature in this patch that wasn’t made in the patch notes: Ignatia Wildsmith’s hit rate has been reduced (significantly reduced), so while it’s true that traveling is definitely more convenient with Floo, you don’t. I have to hear about it. All the time “.

If you don’t play Hogwarts Legacy and think it’s not a particularly serious problem, just know that the guys on Reddit voted Ignatia Wildsmith the most hated character in the saga, even more than Voldemort and above all more than Dolores Jane Umbridge.

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