The passenger notices something moving, as soon as he realizes it creates panic on board

This passenger sees something moving on the plane. He does not immediately realize what it is, but as soon as he sees it Create a panic.

Flight panic
Panic in flight –

Traveling is one of the many favorite activities of many people. The main reason is the holidays, but there are clearly some who do it for work. You can choose to travel by train, bus, plane or car. If you need to travel long distances, you will obviously prefer to fly rather than drive. Air travel is as beautiful as it is convenient, as it allows you to get to the other side of the world in no time. Of course, however, defects can occur there as well.

It depends on the airlines you travel with, you may find the seats a bit cramped, or you have to put up with the next seat having to take off their shoes. Or even hearing babies cry and scream about anything, with parents ignoring them instead. What you will see today is rather strange behavior from a passenger on a flight. He claims to see something, and begins to panic throughout the journey. Let’s try to understand what is better.

He just feels something moving

When traveling by plane, the most sought after is to try to make friends with the seat neighbor or new acquaintances. But you would never think of finding yourself in unpleasant situations. Rather, this is exactly what happened to today’s protagonist. A man in his 30s at the airport boarding a plane for Jakarta. He’s a fairly calm person, he did the various checks in a polite manner, and he wasn’t much at the last minute. Even around him everything seemed to be going well. In fact, he gets on the plane and takes the seat assigned to him.

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He is waiting for all the passengers on the plane. The hosts prepare to show all emergency measures. And since I’m still frustrated, he keeps watching videos on his cell phone. But at some point, something happened that he never thought would happen. He looks at the little boxes, because he wants to stretch his neck but He sees something dark in color that is moving. He immediately tries to get the flight attendants’ attention, but they don’t seem to see him.

Notice something moving
Notice something moving –

He’s worried because it’s something over his head, he can’t take it anymore and starts screaming. Sooner or later, someone has to understand that they need help. All the passengers start to worry and get upset, until the flight attendant realizes it’s serious, and then they come closer. Meanwhile, the flight commander also had to delay departure, looking outside his cabin. What they see is nothing but a scorpion.

Animals are never taken on board

Another passenger, with great courage, watched the whole scene from his seat not far from where they see the scorpion. He had the idea of ​​recording a video, and then posting it on social media platforms. This video had many views, but it caused the people who saw it to feel a lot of fear. But why is there a scorpion on the plane?

As you already know, it is strictly forbidden to take your pets on board the plane, especially if they are large. For example, dogs and cats should be placed in special carriers, but only if they are small. Creepers are strictly prohibitedNobody can carry snakes with them. But back to The scorpion was found on the plane during the flight to Jakarta, there may be different hypotheses as to why it leaked from the overhead bins.

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the scorpion
Scorpio –

One of the many reasons is that he entered from the outside, and may have been locked up there for a long time. Another reason might be someone trying to travel with a scorpion, carefully hiding it during inspections. Or that a bag was opened and left without the owner knowing that he was carrying a scorpion.

They are still conducting detailed investigations for what happened. Scorpions are part of the arachnid family, so they look like spiders. They have long, black claws, and they usually spread all over the world, but they like warm environments.

According to some companies, insects can be transported. But of course waitingThey are never placed in carry-on baggage, because as explained above, they can cause panic and fear for many passengers.

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