The original translator knows nothing about the new version that uses his work –

Jeremy Bluestein original translator From silent hill 2, knew nothing of the new version entrusted to the Bloober team, which he had discovered with the rest of the world. So far there is no problem, as one might say, except that it seems that the new version of the game is using him Translationwhich would therefore like to be approved.

Obviously we are talking about the English translation. Plustin He also directed motion capture and dubbing. He was so enraged seeing his work used for the umpteenth time unnoticed that he wrote on Twitter, citing the announcement:

looks good! And they’ll again use the English text of Silent Hill 2 that I wrote/translated (oh, even directed) on my own, from which I’d get no compensation and won’t see tens of thousands of people on Twitter angry at me. Maybe I should make a video…

The ironic reference is clearly a video of Helena Taylor, the voice actress for Syriza in the first two Bayonettas, who sued over her compensation for the third act, infuriating fans.

In a subsequent tweet, Blaustein also said he was sorry he had not been notified of the new version, not even by a message.

reached by GamesRadar For further comments, Blaustein specified that in Silent Hill 2 he translated all the scripts, without anyone else’s help. He directed the dubbing himself, starting with the auditions for the actors. This is because the Japanese staff could not judge the abilities of the English actors, nor did they know or know very little of the language. He has also directed motion capture shows. During his time in translation, he collaborated on a daily basis with the development team, especially screenwriter Hiroyuki Awako.

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Blaustein also noted that Silent Hill 2 was not dubbed into Japanese, “because it was intended for a Western audience. This bears witness to the importance of what I wrote.” Finally, he told GamesRadar he’s not looking for money, but would like to take credit for his work. Hill 3.

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