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The original Lumberton serves as a logistics hub for the US Naval Refueling Systems Command in Sigonella, Italy

SIGONELLA, ITALY – NCO 3rd NCO Ahmya Lyons, originally from Lumberton, North Carolina, serves the US Navy in the Fleet Logistics Center of the Naval Supply Systems Command (FLCSI) (NAVSUP), headquartered in Sigonella, Italy.

Lyons joined the Navy two years ago. Today Lyons works as a logistics specialist.

“Being able to be financially stable while in school is what inspired me to join the Navy,” Lyons said.

Leon grew up in Lumberton, attended Hawke County High School and graduated in 2019. Today, Leon uses the same skills and values ​​he learned at Lumberton to be successful in the military.

“Never let anyone provoke you and take care of yourself first,” Lyons said. “I learned that from my hometown.”

These lessons helped Leon during his naval service.

NAVSUP FLCSI is one of eight global commands to drive the Marine Procurement System. Provides a full range of contractual, administrative and logistical support services to the US Navy and joint veterans, as well as NATO and allied partners, through its permanent offices in Spain and Italy; front operating offices in Greece, Djibouti, Romania and Poland; Emergency/Cooperative Security locations in the UK, Iceland and Norway; and NATO support elements in Portugal, Spain and Italy.

“NAVSUP FLCSI provides logistics, commercial and support services to the U.S. Navy, Combined Forces, and allied forces through partnerships and sound business practices to align theater readiness with material responsibility,” said Capt. Douglas McKenzie, Commander of NAVSUP FLCSI.

With more than 90 percent of all commerce carried by sea and 95 percent of the world’s international telephone and Internet traffic is carried over fiber-optic cables located on the ocean floor, Navy officials continue to emphasize that American prosperity and security are closely intertwined. Navy. And ready.

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Lyons and the sailors who serve them have many opportunities for success during their military service.

“Getting the rank, getting the highest grades, and staying consistent are the most proud accomplishments in the Navy,” Lyons said.

While Lyons and other sailors continue to train and serve missions, they are proud to serve their country in the United States Navy.

“Serving in the Navy means consistency in my life,” Lyons said.

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