The origin of life on Earth: there is a turning point

Thanks for the experience conducted in JapanA great step has been taken in understandingThe origin of life on earth. It appears that Rna molecules have been able to reproduce and diversify at increasing levels of complexity, according to the laws of evolution. The discovery published in the journal contact with nature, Returns to search coordinated byUniversity of Tokyo. How could that come of some kind Primal broth Rich in proteins, fats, and many other complex molecules in one form or another More and more detailed structures, to the point of producing true single-celled organisms is one of the most fascinating mysteries in science. A puzzle in which different aspects were understood, but still lacked many pieces to be able to get a specific picture. New clues could now come from the work of Japanese researchers, who in the lab have attempted to reconstruct some pieces of the puzzle with a particular focus on one of the key molecules of all living things: Rna, which is a type of “cousin” molecule of DNA as well as capable of self-replication .

Rna strands “compete” with each other

Gods have been put to trial Rana filaments in nutrient broth and note their interactions with the environment over time. It turns out that the different RNA strands enter into a kind of competition that responds to the laws of the theory of evolution, an impulse that leads them to change over time and bring out new, more favorable properties for survival. A well-known mechanism in living organisms and microorganisms that forms the heart of evolutionary theory but is still little observed in simple molecules. What was discovered is just another small part of a huge scenario, but it could be a new starting point for understanding the mechanisms that led to The birth of life on this planet.

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