The open world of the creator of GTA appears in the first video game!

Gamescom 2022 officially opens its doors with the world premiere of a fully customized opening night show Everywherethe new open world in development at Build A Rocket Boy, the development house founded and operated by Leslie Benzies, creator of (among others) Grand Theft Auto.

Build A Rocket Boy’s in-engine footage plunges us into Interactive multiverse This experience which, by the very recognition of its authors, promises to give us the widest freedom of exploration and, above all, the use of the contents.

The ubiquitous nature of the mods between games, music, game streaming and free roaming, mentioned several times by the Build A Rocket Boy team over these months, is underlined by the fleeting appearance of scenes that show concerts alternating with combat in shooter arenas. , multiplayer races in vehicles and “peaceful” activities in environments where you can relax and chat with other players.

So take a look at the first video with scenes from Everywhere in-gameOpening Night Live Let us know with a comment what you think of the latest digital open world effortFormer President of Rockstar North.

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