The OnePlus 9 arrives on March 23 and focuses everything on the camera with Hasselblad

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The big day OnePlus will unveil its product family OnePlus 9 It was officially set for March 23, with an online-only event where the company will unveil its new best-in-class smartphones. The advocacy really makes us understand what the “focus” of this new generation of products will be. More than ever, we must be given the English “focus”.

Today the company announced the first details of the new OnePlus 9 series that will be made in collaboration with Hasselblad, the landmark brand for traditional photography. Starting at this launch and over the next three years, OnePlus will invest more than $ 150 million to boost its photographic capabilities and build a camera system called Hasselblad Mobile Camera.

Obviously, this is a very important announcement, but we are still happy that in addition to announcing the partnership between the two companies, they have also detailed some of the innovations that we will already see in this area in the upcoming OnePlus 9. .

The first technical milestone to be achieved will be, on paper at least, the advanced color calibration that we will find under the name Natural Color Calibration with Hasselblad On OnePlus 9. This novelty aims to fetch More accurate and natural colors In all the shots taken by upcoming OnePlus smartphones. This will be the new standard that OnePlus will stick to for future smartphones as well.

OnePlus announces that:

the new Hasselblad Pro mode It brings class-leading Hasselblad sensor calibration to a smartphone for the first time, bringing stunning accuracy and incredibly natural colors to a solid foundation for post-editing.

This is new Hasselblad Pro mode It will have its own new user interface based on the image processing that Hasselblad is used to its most loyal users, ensuring a very similar result. In addition to the usual settings that you already used to find in the settings for manual shooting, we will also find the possibility of shooting RAW 12 bits, For richer colors and a higher dynamic range.

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But the three-year investment means not only a new program in the new top of the range, but also the birth of four R&D laboratories in the world for the photographic sector and also news in the hardware sector.

In the future, we’ll see technologies like the wide-angle camera with a 140-degree field of view, and the T-lens for lightning-fast focus.In the lens releases the model This removes distortion from the edges of wide-angle images. The latter that we will actually see in the OnePlus 9.

Once again regarding the OnePlus 9 series, the company is also relying on some technical details of its cameras. We will have the dedicated IMX789 sensor, the largest ever in a OnePlus smartphone. In addition, we will have improved HDR video recording and support for 4K to 120Frames per second o at 8K a 30Frames per second.

There is no mention of zoom cameras at this time, but we hope that the residual traces in the invitations to the event indicate not only the historic Hasselblad / space ensemble, but also the possibility of photographing very distant objects.

The event will be broadcast live On the OnePlus website At 15:00 on March 23rd.

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