The official return of the United States to the Paris Accords

US President Joe Biden – Credit: Biden Campaign via CNP / IPA / Frame

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February 19, 2021

From Gianluca Sedulin

As of today, February 19, 2021

One of the first steps that Joe Biden took after his inauguration as President of the United States was to bring the country back to the Paris climate accords.

Today, February 19, 2021, the return of the United States is official, marking an important change in the course of climate policies for one of the world’s largest polluters. America withdrew from the treaty in 2017 following the decision of Donald Trump, who has always denied climate change and advocated the use of fossil energies.

The Paris Accords were signed in 2015, during the 21st World Climate Conference, by nearly 200 countries, and are by far the leading international treaty on emissions reduction, shifting the development paradigm and the intention to keep global warming under a certain limit (less Two degrees compared to pre-industrial levels). However, many are strongly advocating a new, more consistent agreement, but not much has been done at the recent COP on climate.

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