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The offender returned in court: “The pizza is ready, I have to go.” The absurd request of the judges

“I have to go, I have a pizza waiting for meAndrew Bell, 44, turned to judges who convicted him of a months-unpaid £335 fine. We are located in Carlisle, UK. To report the news the sun, under which the man was on a video link from the prison where he was serving his last sentence (in terms of time, that is). Yes because Bill seems to have a thing 200 convictions: not just fines. He has also in the past assaulted a policeman, damaged a police car, and again engaged in violent behavior or committed drunken offences. In short, in court he “is at home” so much that a judge called it “the worst harassment in town.”

for him Attorney John Smith He gave an explanation: “Andrew doesn’t have an agreed-upon address, he goes to jail, he gets released and he has nowhere to go, then he goes downtown and calls the police and says, ‘Hey, I’m Andrew Bell, I violated my code of conduct. criminal then Can you come and arrest me?“”. “A vicious circle,” his lawyer finally defined him.

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