The number of players on Steam is declining

As we confirmed to you a few days ago, The launch of Biomutant on Steam was a success for Experiment 101 and THQ NordicBut it seems that the game did not hold for long and within hours of its release there was already a sharp drop in the number of active users.

In fact, according to the game stats on Valve Agent, on the second day of its debut on the platform, the game suffered from Exodus of 55% of players. This is a disturbing fact, given that we’re talking about a title with good longevity, and this type of product usually manages to capture players’ attention for at least two weeks. It cannot be excluded that many buyers who contributed to the success of the first day were disappointed with the product and decided to abandon it after a few hours of playing. In any case it should be noted that On Steam, reviews are averageSo there is a certain balance between those who love the product and those who criticize it for its flaws.

While awaiting to know the progress of the game also on other platforms and on other computer clients available on it, we remind you that you can find our pages at Biomutant Review.

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