The number of keyboards sold is official, the numbers are incredible –

Sony released its new device Financial report For the last three months of 2020. Thanks to her, we can see how many PS5 Sold by December 31, 2020. Sony shipped a total 4.5 million Of PlayStation 5. In addition, it also shipped 1.4 million PlayStation 4 devices: the “old” Sony console, now with 115 million units shipped worldwide.

To give you a point of reference, according to the latest data shared by Sony, the Japanese company shipped it 4.5 million PS4 consoles by the end of 2013. The PS4 and PS5 have had many results. However, all of this happened during a global pandemic, so what Sony has achieved is incredible.

Sony’s financial report also reveals that a number of Subscribed to PlayStation Plus Grew up 47.4 million, Or +8.6 million, compared to 38.8 million at the end of 2019. Speaking of games sold: Addition of PS5 games and PS4 games, sold in Q3 FY2020 103.7 million software units (+20.4 million compared to 83.3 million in the same period in 2019). who are they, 18.4 million first-party games (+2.1 million compared to 16.3 million in the same period in 2019). 53% of those sales are entire games sold in digital format (up from 50% last year).

So it was the departure of the PS5 Positive from every point of view The PS4 also knew how to stand up for itself. We hope that we will soon receive official information regarding the Xbox Series X | S also. Meanwhile, we’re referring to this interesting patent of artificial intelligence that makes bosses stronger, and here’s the idea.

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