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The number of illegal immigrants crossing the border between the United States and Canada is increasing

Although the number of illegal immigrants at the southern border of the United States is much greater, the number of those entering Canada is now increasing.

Nearly 40,000 migrants crossed the country illegally last year – more than double from 2019 – and the number of arrivals per month has increased recently, with nearly 5,000 in January.

Faced with a labor shortage, Canada is virtually opening its doors to legal immigrants and recently pledged to dramatically increase its numbers and accept 1.5 million newcomers by 2025.

However, the extraordinary movement of immigrants around the world, fueled by economic misery and growing geopolitical insecurity in many countries, has placed Canada in an unusual position.

Protected by its geography, strict immigration policies that favor the educated and skilled, and its only border with the United States, Canada faces a problem that has long plagued many Western nations: the crossing of land borders by large numbers of illegal immigrants.

Opposition politicians have called on the government to deploy police to shut down Roxham Road, Canada’s most famous illegal border crossing used by migrants leaving the United States to seek asylum in the north. In addition, Joe Biden is expected to visit Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in a few days, who will see the issue of immigration on the agenda.

source: Vision

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