The Nintendo Conference was the most followed; 1.1 million people for Devolver! –

According to the latest analysis from Stream Hatchet, Nintendo E3 Conference 2021 They were the ones that attracted the most people. they were 3.1 million Players checked in at the same time to see what Big N has to show for the future of the Switch. In this context, the numbers of digital back, capable of attracting 1.1 million people at the same time, roughly the same as Ubisoft and Square Enix.

Data reported by Stream Hatchet says the maximum viewership, considering both Twitch and Youtube, is 3.1 million for Nintendo, 2.3 million for Xbox and Bethesda, 1.4 million for Ubisoft, and 1.3 million for Square Enix , and 1.1 million for Devolver Digital.

These are rather eloquent statements, which indicate the state of health of Nintendo, thanks to which the Switch was able to restore love and Attention from the general public. Good second place for Xbox, which, along with other major broadcasters these days, could have paid for the fact that it allowed everyone to broadcast their own event.

The success of a small publisher like return However, thanks to a crazy communication strategy, it has become one of the show’s essential appointments. Good numbers also for Square Enix which, despite a rather weak conference, posted a performance similar to that of the more realistic Ubisoft, which may have been crippled by the many leaks that plague it every year.

What is your favorite conference?

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